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Caught by the bear - flash fiction by Iain Broome

I've been knocked sideways by the response to my survey in last week's newsletter. Nearly 80 of you lovely people took the time to say what you're looking for from me. And by crikey, that information is useful.

See the results for yourself right here.

So what now?

Well, enough of you called me a fool for spending money on sending these emails for me to decide that this will indeed be my last issue via Goodbits (though I still recommend it, if you want an easy way to share links). I'm not sure what I will use, but it may well be Mailchimp again, as I have been using it recently with clients at work, so it kind of makes sense.

As for frequency, the majority of you seem to feel that the weekly routine is a bit too much. This is good news for my sanity, so I will listen to that message too. At the moment, I'm thinking fortnightly instead of monthly. Sometimes I have stuff of my own that I want to share and waiting four to five weeks would not be ideal.

What about content? I wasn’t surprised to find that most people enjoy the links to articles from around the web. More interesting was the high number of requests for me to share my own behind-the-scenes, writing process stuff. Though I don’t see the overall content changing too much, this is something I will try to do more of.

Finally, the name. The Broome Cupboard. I think that a) it implies the newsletter is all about me, which isn’t the case, and b) it’s perhaps a little silly? I know. Let me think about it.

Next steps

This is what I now need to do:

  1. Move the list back to Mailchimp or whatever platform I choose.
  2. Invite you to unsubscribe if my plans don’t match up with what you want or expect (the link is in the footer).
  3. Apologise for all this tiresome public navel gazing and point you towards this week’s rather excellent list of links.

Terribly sorry. Here they are…

Link of the week

Best of the rest

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