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Before I get on to some newsletter admin, I need to tell you about the final two episodes of the Write for Your Life podcast.

Me and Donna recorded and published them both over the last month or so and they are both available for you to listen to. We’ve had so much fun working together on the show over the last couple of years and we hope to do something together again at some point soon. Thanks for listening!

I've included links to both shows in the list below.

Changes to this newsletter

Last year, I made a song and dance about switching this newsletter from Mailchimp to Goodbits. I did it largely because Goodbits is designed to make it super easy to add and share links via a handy Chrome extension.

And it works. Goodbits is really good and I recommend it highly. The problem for me is... well... there are two problems actually.

The first is that I currently pay $19 a month to send these emails via Goodbits. That's quite a lot when you've got nothing coming back in as a result and a third baby on the way in the summer.

Second though, yet another big life change for me this year (new job, started last month) means I have less time to read and scour the internet for writing-related lovely stuff. I still do lots of reading, just less of it is about writing. I wonder if that really matters or if that’s what you want.

Help me out here, would you?

All of which leads me to say that I’d like you to help me decide what this newsletter will be going forward. I have my own thoughts, but I want to make sure I won’t be way off the mark.

If you can spare 30 seconds: please complete this tiny survey.

Write for Your Life

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Best of the rest

Seriously, please do the survey

This is just me popping up at the end of the email to ask you, politely, again, if you wouldn't mind sharing your thoughts via a very short survey.

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